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Columbus Day Parade - Fall Foliage Tour - Faneuil Hall - Lobster Tour - South Shore Tour - Cape Ann Tour - John Bowe Shop Tour

Columbus Day Parade - Oct 11, 2009

Submitted by: Stan Foster

Our 2009 event calendar has included some interesting activities this year but the recent Boston Columbus Day parade must rank near the top of the list for unusual things to do in a Triumph. On Sunday October 11, nine New England Triumphs assembled on Cambridge Street in Boston along with a group of MGs, Rovers and Jaguars. Chuck Giorgio assembled our group into formation ready for the parade.

Shortly after 1:00pm we joined the parade, following along behind one of many marching bands. The parade route was lined with hundreds of enthusiastic residents and visitors to Boston’s North End.

We led our group with a wedge, the TR7 of Bruce Penttinen. He was followed by six TR6s in three pairs: Mark Karas and Andrea Berman in their Topaz TR6 and Stan Foster and Debbie Christopher in their red TR6, Matt Martin’s green TR6 and Frank and Trish Frett’s blue TR6, Chuck and Doreen Giorgio's green TR6 and Bill and Deb Richardson’s red TR6. Protecting our rear were Dave and Mary Ellen Cox in their blue Stag and Hugh and Caroline Cockrill in their black TR3.

The parade wended through the North End with much waving and horn tooting and lots of appreciative comments from the crowd about the cars. We then headed off for lunch at the No Name Restaurant.

Note: There are more photos from this event in our Photo Gallery.

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Fall Foliage Tour - Oct 4, 2009

Submitted by: Henry Frye

Triumphs on New England foliage drive Thanks again to Bob and Linda for putting together a really nice drive yesterday. The tour took in some beautiful roads in the first two sections, then as Bob reported last week, a change of venue for our last stop was made for us to attend the benefit for Art Baker. While Linda warned the route they plotted was not thoroughly LBC tested, it turned out to be just fine.

We started out in Sturbridge, and poked and prodded our way through the countryside ending up at an apple orchard that was in full swing of the season. We had to park in the back 40, as the main parking lot was full. As I walked back to the cars, I saw a guy just about jumping up and down with excitement as he stroked the back end of the cars. He asked me if I owned the cars, I pointed at our Stag and indicated that one, and he starts gushing about how he can't believe all these Triumphs arrived at his orchard. Finally he shows his hand as to why he is so excited, he says he has been working on a Spitfire in the barn for the last couple years. I patiently wait for the inevitable "Do you want to see it?"

Spitfire at the apple orchard
The door opens to reveal a nice squaretail Spitfire on jackstands, and the owner has done some nice work getting it pretty far along. He is having issues finding parts, and our crew gives him several leads on where to find what he needs, and Stan gets him the info on the club.

Everyone gets a gallon of cider
His father is so pleased with our providing enthusiasm for his son he reappears with a dolly loaded with cases of apple cider, and announces every car goes home with a gallon!

I hope to see a future tech session in that barn, as I am sure we can provide the help to get this one back on the road...

Lunch stop at Howard's Drive In
Once back on the road we meandered about until stopping for lunch at Howard's Drive In. I saw lots of people enjoying the legendary fried delights, but I got a really funny look from the kid behind the counter when I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and declined the fries! From there a few of us peeled off, but the rest were off to Woonsocket where we enjoyed a good pasta dinner and the various raffles, auctions and the 50/50 at the benefit dinner for member Art Baker.

Helen and I enjoyed ourselves as we clocked another 250 miles on the Stag. While 2009 is not going to go down as a great year for leaf peeping, our route did find some really nice colors in a few places.

Excellent job Bob and Linda!

Note: There are more photos from this event in our Photo Gallery.

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New England Triumphs at Faneuil Hall - Sep 26, 2009

Submitted by: Stan Foster and Debbie Christopher

For the second time this year a group of volunteers from New England Triumphs got up early to head into Boston to participate in another successful British car show organized by our friends at the Boston Area MG club. A special thanks to Kurt Steele at BAMG for the invitation and to the BAMG club for pulling off this series of shows at Faneuil Hall. This second outing took place on a chilly Sunday morning in September but our volunteers were not deterred as they traveled from as far south as the Cape and as far north as Burlington, VT to represent the club at this event.

Cars staged along Merchants Row in Boston The cars were staged along Merchants Row prior to the event.

NET brought 11 cars to occupy most of the cobblestone area between Faneuil Hall and Quincy market just as we did in June. Our lineup included Ted Elzey (TR3), Michael Godley (TR4A), Steve and Sue Lindquist (250), Frank Frett (TR6), Hugh and Caroline Cockrill (TR3), Chuck and Doreen Giorgio (TR6), Stan Foster and Debbie Christopher(TR6), Bob and Donna-Lynn Greene (TR6), Bill Richardson (TR6), Rob and Susan Lanza (Spitfire), Dave and MaryEllen Cox (Stag).

NET cars parked at Quincy Market

Despite the cold start the weather warmed up considerably and soon things got busy with many curious tourists and shoppers. The interest in the cars was considerable. We were parked next to one of the main walkways into the area and it was amusing to watch people stop dead in their tracks when they saw our collection of Triumphs sparkling in the sunshine. For many it was an opportunity to get a picture and to relive happy times when they owned a Triumph. One couple in particular had a red TR6 when they were dating back in the 1970s and we enjoyed chatting with them and taking pictures.

Santa and his red TR6
Speaking of pictures we have to mention Bill Richardson who is not only a NET member but also a professional Santa. He graciously posed for photos with kids of all ages who were surprised to discover that during the warmer months, Santa drives a Triumph. We were parked next to Bill and enjoyed seeing the surprised looks as people spotted him next to his beautiful red TR6. We joked that his car ought to have a bumper sticker reading "My other car is a sleigh"!

For this show the BAMG folks organized a People's Choice award as a way to further engage the visitors and the exhibitors. That added another element of interest for club members as they lobbied for votes. Chuck and Doreen Giorgio proved to be masters at this and soon were declared the well deserved winner with their immaculate TR6.

This was the last Faneuil Hall show for 2009. Kurt Steele is looking forward to repeating this event in 2010 and may be able to offer NET a dedicated area to show our cars and promote our hobby and our club. Watch out for an invitation to a Faneuil Hall event in 2010 and maybe you will get to park next to Santa!

There are more photos from this event in the photo gallery.

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New England Triumphs World Famous Lobster Tour - Sep 13, 2009

Lobster Tour 2009 - scenic drive What a day! To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of NET hosting the 1999 VTR National, Tom Walling and Wendy Rose did a splendid job organizing what may count as the best Lobster Tour ever with spectacular weather and a drive to remember up the scenic Maine coast, passing through some famous tourist spots like Kennebunkport. A short ferry boat ride over to Peaks Island for dinner was the final touch on this memorable day.

Start of Lobster Tour 2009

Approximately 20 cars assembled at the Stonewall Kitchen in York Maine to kick off the 2009 Lobster tour and what a tour it was.

Lobster Tour 2009 - scenic drive

Blue skies and the radiant heat from the sun overcame the cooler air temperatures. Off we went following the coastal road north. The route included some of New England’s finest scenic roads where these classic cars are in their element.

Portland Head Light - Lobster Tour 2009

We stopped at some famous landmarks including the breathtaking Portland Head Light and ocean vista.

Lobster Tour 2009 - sunset

We parked the cars in a covered parking garage in Portland just a short walk from the Casco Bay ferry terminal. After a short ferry ride over to Peaks Island we enjoyed an excellent dinner (Lobster, Steak or Veggie) in an outdoor venue overlooking the ocean. We were treated to a beautiful view of the setting sun and then returned to the mainland for the ride home.

It was a truly memorable day with great weather, a great drive, great food and especially great company. Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to Tom and Wendy for organizing this very enjoyable day.

There are more photos from this event in the photo gallery.

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South Shore Tour aka Valley of Sin Tour - June 26, 2009

Submitted by: Frank Frett

A nice variety of Triumphs A beautiful summer day it was with plenty of sunshine, a fine variety of 5 Triumphs and 8 fantastic members.

We drove off through the back roads of Dartmouth following the ocean shores with our first stop at Demarest Lloyd State Park. Here we stayed for a brief but needed rest stop.

Old Buzzards... Brewery that is
In just an hour and a half after our start we finally reached our first watering hole The Buzzards bay Brewery in Westport, MA. What a fantastic selection of tasteful brews we sampled and soon had best be on our way as the cars were anxious to motor on.

The salt smell was now in the air as we drove through the farmlands of South Westport. A sharp right and nothing but the Atlantic to our left. We caravanned across the Gooseberry Island causeway surrounded by the ocean waters on both sides. What a lovely view of the ocean and the beach goers. Best keep our eyes on the road the causeway isn't too wide!

Wine tasting friends at the vineyard
Next we wound through the twisty roads of Little Compton, R.I. Out to Crowthers restaurant for a fine lunch. After we refueled ourselves we were onward to Sakonnet Point for some more fantastic Atlantic scenery. North was the only way to go so we turned about and headed to the Sakonnet Vineyards. Here we met some friendly folks who gathered with us for a group picture.

An orange wedge at Gray's Ice Cream
Can not drive by Gray's ice cream stand at Tiverton 4 Corners without sampling some cold cow by products and it was a tasty treat. East up East Rd Through more rural roads where we ended our journey at the campus of U Mass Dartmouth. What a great day it was, now in the history books of NET.

Thanks to all those who did attend. I may just do it again in 2010!

Note: There are more photos from this event in our Photo Gallery.

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Cape Ann Tour - May 16, 2009

Submitted by: Pam Delis

Triumphs gather for the tour On Saturday, May 16th Alex and Pam Delis once again hosted the Cape Ann Tour. The rain held off as Alex and Pam in their 1968 GT6 led the way around Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester and Essex.

Joining the tour was Stan Foster and Debbie Christopher in their 1974 TR6, Jane and Graham Briggs in their TR7 V8, Dennis Sokol in his 1975 TR6, and Frank Frett in his 1975 TR6. The tour started at the Gloucester rotary and headed up Rte. 127 through the Gloucester villages of Riverdale, Annisquam, Bayview, and into Lanesville. The tour continued on by scenic vistas, granite quarries, beautiful gardens and headed into Rockport. We passed by an outdoor festival in downtown Rockport. The journey took us down Rte. 127A to the Bass Rocks area of Gloucester.

Triumphs at the beach Because the weather was overcast and cool, Alex brought the tour to a stop at Good Harbor Beach to see how everyone was feeling about the ride. All were having a good time, and after donning jackets and sweaters, the tour continued. The journey continued by the beautiful Back Shore with the Atlantic Ocean to the left and the stately historic “summer cottages” to the right.

Let's check out that engine Along this segment of the tour, a Big Healey picked up the rear of the tour through East Gloucester. From here we drove by the inner working harbor on toward the Gloucester village of Magnolia. Flowering trees and gardens accented the lovely old homes found in the area. We took a brief respite at the local Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and a “pit stop.”

The expedition continued on through Manchester with its lovely estates, and then into Essex with its open lands and Antique Shops. Here the tour wound through farmlands and wooded areas and back into Gloucester for a late lunch at Lobsta’ Land. Spirits were high, the food was delicious and we all enjoyed the camaraderie of the afternoon.

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John Bowe's Shop Tour - Apr 28, 2009

Submitted by: Stan Foster
Triumphs at John Bowe's shop

There are times when you think the New England winter is never going to end and then suddenly the sun is shining, the trees are coming into bud, the azaleas are blooming and it is spring. So it was on April 28th when a small but hardy group of NET members and friends joined John Bowe at his custom cycle painting shop in Derry, NY. John very kindly provided refreshments and took us on a tour of his shop where he has all of the equipment needed for media blasting and painting bike parts such as frames and fuel tanks and fenders. We also got a look at John’s recently acquired TR2 project car.

We had five Triumphs lined up in the parking lot, Stan in the TR6, Steve and Sue Lindquist with their TR250, Ned Sparrow and his TR7, Dave and Mary Ellen Cox in the Stag and of course John Bowe in the Mayflower.

Following the shop tour, the five Triumphs accompanied by several British motorcycles and a Chevy Impala set off for a very nice ride along some scenic NH back roads to Exeter where we enjoyed lunch at the Loaf and Ladle.

It was a great day out and we could not have asked for a better day to start off our 2009 event season. Thanks to John for organizing the day and for his generous hospitality.

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