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Fall Foliage Tour - The Roadster Factory Summer Party - Triumph Day at Faneuil Hall - Southern New Hampshire Tour - End of Year Party

Fall Foliage Tour - October 2, 2010

Photos by Stan Foster, Debbie Christopher and Sue and Steve Lindquist.
Triumphs assembling for the fall tour

Drivers' meeting

On Saturday October 2nd we concluded our 2010 scheduled driving events with the Fleeting Fall Foliage Farm and Fruit Extravaganza aka Bob and Linda's Fall Tour. It was a spectacular New England autumn day, sunny and crisp. We had a good turnout with 13 Triumphs including a recently acquired green TR7 driven by Justin, our newest member.

Triumphs on back roads

We started out in Northborough, MA traveling to Warren and then to West Brookfield (aka West Podunk!) for a group dinner at The Salem Cross Inn. Bob and Linda's route provided us with a real glimpse of small-town Central MA. We followed some lovely back roads, passing several farms and a couple of fall festivals in West Boylston and Oakham.

Stopping at a horse farm

We stopped in West Brookfield to see some minature horses.

Ellen photographing some mini horses

Who knew Ellen was a mini-horse whisperer?

Rick's Spitfire

Our next stop was Breezeland Orchards. As we pulled in to the parking area we were very happy to see Rick and Laurie Tuttle's white Spitfire fully assembled and ready to join us on the last stage of this tour! You may recall that it was a restoration in progress at this time last year.

Rick greeted us with cider donuts right out of the fryer (yum!) and fresh apple cider. He provided us with bags for apple picking and a hay wagon to take us up to the orchard. Thank you Rick and Laurie for your generous hospitality!

Going apple picking Apple tree Triumphs at Breezeland Orchards

From Breezelands we continued on to The Salem Cross Inn for a wonderful meal in a charming historic setting. Some of us headed home after dinner while the die hards headed for Howard's for some ice cream. Thanks to Bob and Linda for organizing a great tour and for wrapping up our 2010 driving season in style.

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NET at The Roadster Factory Summer Party - Jul 28 - Aug 2, 2010

Submitted by: Debbie Christopher and Stan Foster, Photos by Debbie Christopher and Karen and Dennis Sokol. (More pictures from this six-day event are included in the Photo Gallery.

Day 1/Wed Jul 28: Our trip to the Roadster Factory Summer Party in Armagh, PA got off to an interesting start. We had planned to assemble at the Blandford service plaza but it had closed the day before due to an acid spill. Fortunately everyone just continued on to the next service plaza about 20 miles away and we were soon on our way. At this stage our convoy consisted of Tom and Wendy, Dennis and Karen and Stan and Debbie. Dennis was having a problem with his starter motor and over the next six days he would become quite adept at finding parking spots on an incline so that he could do a rolling start. On at least one occasion he attempted a Flintstone-esque maneuver, opening the driver-side door and using foot power to try to get the car rolling (where was my camera!?!) but someone was always willing to jump out and give him a push, just one of the benefits of traveling in a group!

Group dinner at a local Italian restaurant From I90 we headed south on the scenic Taconic State Parkway and then west on I84 to our overnight stop near Scranton, PA. Soon after arriving at the hotel we met up with Bob and Margaret who had taken a more southern route to Scranton. The NET tour group was now complete. It had been a hot day so a few of us opted for a dip in the pool and hot tub before heading to a local Italian restaurant for dinner.

Sports Car Haven sign Day 2/Thu Jul 29: The itinerary for our second day followed a more leisurely route with no interstate highway segments. Unfortunately Route 11 South from Scranton was more urban and congested than anticipated. It was slow going until we were well south. There was one unexpected surprise along the way when we passed Sports Car Haven in Danville, PA, a business that services and restores British sports cars. The sign out front is shaped and painted just like Dennis’ and Karen’s topaz TR6! That certainly put a smile on our faces as we drove past and I cannot believe we didn’t stop and take a photo. (This blurry photo is from Google Maps’ Streetview.)

Driving conditions improved dramatically once we joined routes 45 and 22 which took us the rest of the way to Armagh, PA. These turned out to be fantastic roads, perfect for Triumphs with very little traffic, lots of rural scenery and field after field of corn. (Who knew there were so many cornfields in Pennsylvania?) This was also our first introduction to the Amish community and their horse-drawn buggies, something we would become accustomed to over the next few days. We arrived at The Roadster Factory with 30 minutes to spare to pick up our registration materials and have a quick look around. Then we headed to our hotel in Indiana, PA to check in and venture out for some dinner.

Winery Tour - Karen takes the wheel Day 3/Fri Jul 30: The TRF Summer Party offers both competitive events such as drag racing and autocross and leisurely driving events such as winery tours and a poker rallye. We did the winery tour today and had a fun afternoon touring the area and visiting a cheese shop and several local wineries. Karen even took a turn at the wheel and did a great job after only one lesson on a standard transmission car! The tour route included a few dirt roads and took us past farms where lime was being applied to the fields and also to our cars thanks to the breezy conditions.

Wendy, Tom and Karen Border from TRFAfter a quick stop back at the hotel to shower and change we headed back to Armagh for the event dinner, bonfire and movie. TRF served up a tasty meal of barbequed chicken, locally-grown corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans, served on real china with real silverware, table cloths and cloth napkins – very civilized indeed. TRF team members were in attendance and we enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to them in person.

A few of us stayed to watch the bed sheet movie, Le Mans starring Steve McQueen, though I confess I slept through parts of it. Those who managed to stay awake through the entire film tell me I didn’t miss much plot-wise. There isn’t much dialogue or much of a story line, just lots and lots and lots of driving. But sitting outside in our lawn chairs under the stars gave the event a drive-in kind of feeling and it really was fun.

Poker rallye stop at Yarnick's Farm Day 4/Sat Jul 31: This day started with a visit to a car wash to remove the dust and lime from yesterday’s tour. After breakfast we participated in the Poker rallye, another fun driving event that required us to visit five different business establishments and build a poker hand by drawing a playing card at each stop. The stops included a great place for lunch, an ice cream shop and a farm stand where this photo was taken. Wendy was our navigator and did an excellent job following the rallye directions despite the pressure of having at least six other cars join our caravan (talk about pressure -- great job Wendy!) Dennis and Karen showed just how in synch they are by drawing exactly the same card not once but twice! But it was Margaret who led our group by finishing the tour with three queens. We thought she had a great chance of winning the event but unfortunately someone else finished with an ace high flush.

Car show in downtown Indiana, PA

That evening we participated in the car show in downtown Indiana, PA where several streets were closed to traffic so that all of these fine British cars could be put on display. In addition to the many Triumphs there was also a Reliant three-wheeler, a Sunbeam Tiger and a beautifully restored 1959 Morgan that won best of show.

Charles Runyan at the Coventry Inn

After lots of photo ops and car talk we walked over to the Coventry Inn, a beautifully authentic British pub owned by Charles Runyan (owner of TRF) for some refreshment and to await the awards presentation. Charles graciously allowed us to visit the function room on the upper level of the restaurant where we snapped a photo of him looking every bit the pub landlord.

Speaking of Charles, during the awards presentation we couldn’t help but notice as he was congratulating the winners that he was wearing handcuffs attached to something concealed under a towel. The hidden object was later revealed to the crowd – it was the pewter trophy given to Triumph for winning its class with the TRS cars at the 1961 Le Mans. Charles explained the handcuffs by telling the crowd that he doesn’t trust himself when transporting the trophy, fearing that he will set it down somewhere, walk away and wonder where he left it!

Day 5/Sun Aug 1: Today was Jerry Garcia's birthday. Oh, and it was also Dennis’ birthday! We surprised him with a birthday card at breakfast. And then it was time to pack up the cars and begin the drive home. After the first hour on the road we said goodbye to Tom and Wendy who were staying in the area for a few more days. The rest of the group headed back along routes 22 and 45, then I80 to East Stroudsberg and then up Route 209 along the Delaware Water Gap to Matamoras, PA. We encountered some rain while on I80 and pulled into a rest area to put the tops up. Bob discovered at that point that he had no windshield wipers. The cause was determined to be a blown fuse, possibly due to a problem with the heater motor. After a few minutes and a couple of spare fuses we were back on the road.

Tom had warned us to be on the lookout for deer through the Delaware Water Gap. Fortunately we encountered only one and had plenty of time to slow down as it crossed the road in front of our car. Between the rain and some major traffic delays we were a bit late arriving into Matamoras. It had been a long and tiring day so we again took advantage of the pool to relax and unwind. This hotel did not have a hot tub however which we have decided is a requirement for future trips!

Day 6/Mon Aug 2: The final stretch north on Route 209 was another great road for Triumphs. While using the GPS to search for a place to have lunch we came around a bend and spotted a classic diner! We made an abrupt turn into the parking lot surprising everyone following along behind us! It was a great spot for lunch. Last lunch at the Chief Martindale Diner

From here we headed north through Great Barrington and then east on the Mass Pike, stopping for the last time at a service plaza to refuel. Stan and Bob gave Dennis’ car one last push and we all waved goodbye and headed our separate ways home.

These trips are always an adventure and a lot of fun and this one was no exception. We had a great time both on the journey and at the Summer Party event. We’re delighted to read that TRF is talking about holding yet another Summer Party next year!

More pictures are included in the Photo Gallery.

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Triumph Day at Faneuil Hall - June 19, 2010

It was a hot day but we had a great time. The Faneuil Hall events are quite different from our other club activities because we are showing the cars to tourists and the general public rather than car show attendees and our fellow club members. They are surprised to see the cars on display and for many it provides a chance to reminisce about the Triumph they (or a friend) owned many years ago. The hope is that we just might encourage someone that it's not too late to purchase the car they dreamed of owning back in the day.

Weeks after this event someone noticed something interesting on Google Maps. A satellite image was captured while our cars were parked in front of Faneuil Hall on June 19th! Several NET members' cars are visible in the image as well as some MGs from the Boston Area MG Club. The colors are off in the satellite image but if you compare this photo from the event with the screen capture from Google Maps below it is easy to see that it was indeed taken during the event.
Triumphs at Faneuil Hall Satellite view of Faneuil Hall

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Southern New Hampshire Tour - April 25, 2010

Submitted by: Debbie Christopher, Photos by Sue and Steve Lindquist and Debbie Christopher

John's TR2 with factory hardtop What a great day for a drive! We met up at 10am at John Bowe’s shop in Hampstead, NH. Up until the day before the event the forecast was for rain on Sunday. By Sunday morning things changed and it looked like the rain would stay to the south and it did. By the time we arrived at the shop the sun was out and the temperature was warm enough to put the top down.

There were about 20 people and an interesting assortment of vehicles including 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled Triumphs, a BSA motorcycle, a beautifully restored Austin A30, a ’56 Chevy Bel Air, an Impala, an AMC Pacer wagon, an AMC Ambassador and of course John’s TR2 project car sporting its recently-acquired factory hard top.

The road ahead After fueling up on coffee and donuts we headed out on what John described as “the longest route you will ever take to Exeter, NH”. We were an interesting group making our way through Southern New Hampshire with the British cars at the front, the British motorcycles (2 Triumphs and 1 BSA) in the middle followed by the American classic cars.

The view behind The Fabulous Biker Boys

Mayflower and Austin A30 It was a beautiful drive with spring in full bloom along the way.

The Triumph Mayflower and Austin A30 looked great cruising through Exeter, New Hampshire.

Laughing at the Loaf & Ladle We stopped for lunch at the Loaf & Ladle in Exeter. It was so warm by this time that we opted to eat outside on the back deck. During lunch, Rich (one of the Triumph motorcyclists) told us about the barn that he built and about Wilhelmina, a cat who moved in as soon as the barn was ready for occupancy. He invited us all to stop by some time to see it...

The barn ... and so we did, right after lunch! The barn is new but was built with old wood making it look like a restoration. The lower part provides a place to work on cars and bikes, the upper level is his studio. There is even a balcony on the far end.

The cars viewed from the barn's balcony We had dwindled down to just five cars and the three motorcycles by this time. This is how the cars looked from the barn’s balcony. If you look closely you will see Wilhelmina perched on the driver’s side door of the Bel Air.

In case you are wondering if she is expressing a preference for American classic cars, she had just finished checking out the interior of the Mayflower and was making her way down the line. She thoroughly checked out each of the cars in turn.

A meeting of the minds From here we headed back to John’s shop to say our goodbyes and to thank John for organizing such a great event. Thanks also to Steve and Sue for providing most of the photos for this article.

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End of Year Party - January 9, 2010

Submitted by: Stan Foster

Let's eat! New England Triumphs wrapped up the 2009 season in style on Jan 9, 2010 with a very enjoyable and entertaining party at the Courtyard by Marriott in Marlborough, MA. This was a new location for us and we were not disappointed as the food, venue and facilities were all excellent. With 30 NET members attending, we comfortably filled the large function room. After spending a bit of time socializing and enjoying a pre-dinner drink, we were seated for a delicious multi-course dinner of soup, salad, main course and dessert served by an efficient and attentive wait staff.

Cardboard Concours competition A new addition to the party this year was our first ever Cardboard Concours Competition. I think we all were surprised by how much work was required to cut out, assemble and color the cardboard TR3. Fortunately a number of club members persevered and submitted an entry into the competition, four of which can be seen in this photo. We saw some creative entries that proved to be a challenge to judge as they were all quite good. In the end we awarded the Best Construction prize to Jack Nixon, Best Paintwork to The Trowel Family as we hear it was a joint effort and the prize for the Modified class went to John Bowe for his “Barn Find” submission. Naturally the trophies for our cardboard competition were made from cardboard cups but we also included a model TR3 – a self assembly kit of course. Thanks and congratulations to all who participated.

Bob presents Rick with the Serendipity Award The EOY Party is also the time when we hand out our annual awards and this year was no exception. Bob Lang and Linda Cragin took home the coveted stripped gear award in recognition for going above and beyond with the Fall tour and the last minute route and schedule changes for the Art Baker dinner. Tom Boggiano will be surprised to hear that he was awarded the Terribly Impressive Triumph award in recognition of his patience and persistence in getting a running engine in his TR4. Debbie Christopher’s significant work on the NET web site was rewarded with the Chairman’s Award.

We were delighted to welcome two of our newest members, Rick and Laurie Tuttle who we first met by chance during our fall tour in October. Rick is restoring a white Spitfire. We hope to see Rick and Laurie on the road in the Spit this spring. A special Serendipity Award was presented to Rick during the awards ceremony.

No NET end of year party would be complete without a Yankee swap and Tom Walling did a fine job facilitating and keeping us amused with the commentary.

Thanks to everyone who attended the party. You all made it a fun event and it was great to see so many people come and support the club. Thanks also to Alice Lowe and the staff at the Courtyard in Marlboro for taking such good care of us before, during and even after the event.

January seems to be a good time for our end of year party as it comes after the hectic holiday period and gives us a group activity that bridges the end of one season and the start of the next. We will probably continue with that schedule and I would not be surprised if we end up at the Courtyard when we wrap up our driving season next year.

More pictures from the 2009 EOY Party are included in our Photo Gallery.

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