Events in 2011

Covered Bridge Tour - Lime Rock - Cape Ann Tour - Planning Meeting

Covered Bridge Tour - October 1, 2011

Covered bridge tour group A small but hardy group braved the elements and completed the Covered Bridge Tour despite the rain. Bob and Linda did an excellent job locating so many surviving bridges and mapping out a beautiful route through 11 towns in central Massachusetts. Our dinner at Bub's BBQ was enjoyable with lots of extras available on the hot bar.

We were about 50/50 Triumphs and daily drivers. Our (Triumph) windscreen defogger was not up to the task so we had to rely on the manual method (shop towel) which hampered the view somewhat. I hope that Bob and Linda will consider offering this same tour again next year in hopes of better weather so I can see what we missed along the way!

The concensus was that when it comes to scenic drives, central Massachusetts has a lot to offer!

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Lime Rock Vintage Car Racing - September 3, 2011

Beating the heat at Lime Rock Ned and Ellen led us on a beautiful drive to Lime Rock Park in northwest Connecticut. This was no small feat given the state of some of the back roads due to hurricane Irene and the state of the drivers given we met up just after 6am! It was hot and very humid but we enjoyed the day despite the heat. For some reason we left our canopy chairs at home but Frank saved the day by lending me a huge umbrella. (Thank you Frank!)

Frank was testing out his new high tech chair with adjustable umbrella, just the thing for a day like this. And as you can see, he found other ways to cope with the heat.

Vintage cars on the track What a sight to see these vintage cars racing around the track! We also toured the paddock to watch them prep the cars for the race. The biggest surprise was that it is not just the cars that are vintage, many of the drivers are as well!

For an extra $15/car you could do a parade lap around the track during the lunch break. Stan and I in our TR6 and Hugh and Caroline in their TR3 signed up for that and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was so much fun being out on the track that we couldn’t stop grinning the entire time.

Hugh and Caroline on the track If you look closely at this crowd shot you can see Bob Lang (white shirt, blue jeans) standing by the fence taking photos. We knew Bob was going to be there so we were able to spot him as we drove by but we were very surprised when some guy a few cars behind us on the track suddenly yelled out “Hey that’s Bob Lang!”

Some of Bob's many photos from the event can be found here.

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Cape Ann Tour - June 4, 2011

Submitted by: Pam Delis

Triumph photo op On June 4, 2011, Mother Nature delivered near perfect weather for the Annual Cape Ann Tour. This year’s showing was the strongest yet with thirteen cars assembled for the ride. Joining hosts Alex and Pam Delis were some familiar and some new faces: Stephanie and Rick Trowel in their TR6, Bryan Russell in his TVR (not to worry, the drivetrain is Triumph!), Bill and Evelyn Lepere in their Spitfire, Frank Frett in his TR6, Bruce Penttinen in his TR7, Stan Foster and Debbie Christopher in their TR6, John Bowe in his Mayflower, Deb and Bill Richardson in their TR6, Tricia and John Gibbs in their TR6, Karl Kussin in his TR3, Dennis Sokol in his topaz (sorry Dennis, I will never call it orange again!) TR6, and Mike Hendy and son in his TR4A. Kathryn Hendy and son drove in the “chase car.”

The participants gathered at the Friendly’s in Gloucester. It was great to see so many friends old and new. Once on the road, we headed for a quick photo op, then off towards East Gloucester. With the help of Walkie-Talkies no one was lost through the stoplights at the end of Route 128.

Driving around Cape Ann As we drove through East Gloucester, we passed the inner harbor and Rocky Neck Art Colony. After driving by Niles Beach (on a clear day you can see the Boston Skyline), and around to the picturesque Back Shore (on a clear day you can see the UK—well, not quite) we then headed up through the south end of Rockport and on into the Bear Skin Neck area.

Driving around Cape Ann Many heads turned to watch the procession as we wound our way past Front and Back Beach of Rockport. We continued on through the Pigeon Cove and Folly Cove sections of Rockport (Great views!) and on into north Gloucester and the village of Lanesville with its antique homes and magnolias in bloom. Travel continued past Annisquam, Bay View, and Riverdale and back to Route 128.

Stretching our legs We then drove to Route 133 and down into the Magnolia section of Gloucester and on into Manchester-by-the-Sea. In the beautiful town of Manchester, we stopped to stretch our legs. Many curious folk came over to check out and appreciate the beauty of the cars. After more photos, the tour continued on through Essex, by farms and antique shops, and back into West Gloucester.

Dinner at Lobsta Land After a serpentine ride down Alex and Pam’s tree lined street with its expansive marsh views, we ended the tour at Lobsta’ Land Restaurant. A delicious late lunch and friendly camaraderie ended our day. Most notable about this tour was the amount of onlookers waving, giving thumbs’ up, and stopping to check out our cars.

Dinner at Lobsta Land

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Annual Planning Meeting - March 27, 2011

Our annual planning meeting was held on Sunday March 27th at the Yangtze River Restaurant in Littleton, MA. This was a new venue for us and it worked out really well. The food was good, there was plenty of parking and we had our own function room for our meeting. There were 22 people in attendance including new members John and Trish, who recently acquired a TR6!

Startup meeting 2011, Group 1 We proceeded with the election of club officers. Stan offered to continue as Club Director unless anyone else wanted the job. No one stepped forward so he will remain for one more year. Everyone else was also willing to continue in their present positions for another year. We do need someone to volunteer to take over the newsletter if the club wants to continue to have one. We also need club members to submit articles for both the newsletter (and the website!) since the job of the newsletter editor is to edit and assemble the content, not to have to create all of it as well. Anyone can volunteer to write an article about an event they have attended (club or non-club), a repair job that they tackled, the story of how they acquired or restored their car, or anything else that might be of interest to club members.

Startup meeting 2011, Group 2 We had a great discussion about club events for 2011. Everything should be on the 2011 calendar at this point. If I've missed anything, please let me know. On the schedule again this year are the Southern New Hampshire Tour, the Cape Ann Tour, the Lobster Tour and the Fall Foliage Tour. A big thanks goes to the club members who volunteered again this year to organize these events: John, Alex and Pam, Tom and Wendy, and Bob and Linda. We also have a Faneuil Hall event planned. Space is limited for that event so you need to reserve your spot in advance.

Tim Piper and John Cyganowski were unable to attend the planning meeting but they have volunteered again this year to organize our Day of Triumph event. This is a big event so we thank them for volunteering to take this on again. We appreciate all of the volunteers who have helped with this event in the past and hope that we can count on many of our club members to do so again this year. In addition to the planning and organizing activities we will also need volunteers on the day of the event. Work will begin soon so if you are willing to help please contact Tim or John or Stan Foster.

Some new events were added to the calendar this year. For several years, Ned Sparrow along with a few others have attended the vintage car racing events at Lime Rock in early September. Ned has volunteered to co-ordinate a group outing this year to attend on the Saturday. More information can be found in the calendar entry for the event. Bob Lang proposed a Covered Bridge Tour in early October and suggested moving the Foliage Tour to later in the month so that the foliage might be closer to peak.

Speaking of the calendar, we're now using Google Calendar. It offers multiple views (Week, Month, Agenda) and allows printing up to a year's worth of events at a time. We actually have three calendars merged into one:

By default, events from all three calendars are displayed. If you want to exclude any of the calendars (useful when printing a list of events) click on the little triangle next to the "Agenda" tab and select only those calendars whose events you want to see. To print out a list of events, click on the Agenda tab and then click on the little printer icon (next to the word "Print") to bring up a print preview window. Select a date range and check the box to "Print Descriptions" if you want more than just the title, date and location for each event. Unfortunately the color coding does not carry over when printing but the calendar name is displayed for each event.

Thank you to everyone who attended the planning meeting. Everybody seems especially eager this year to go on that first drive, not too surprising considering the winter we have had. Thanks for sharing your ideas to make 2011 another great year for our club. So take a look at our new calendar and check out all of the events planned for 2011!

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