Events in 2012

Fall Tour - Lobster Tour - Southern NH Tour - Cape Ann Tour - Planning Meeting

Fall Tour - Sunday Oct 21, 2012 - Southern New Hampshire

Tucker in his TR6 John Bowe put together a Fall tour to replace the event originally scheduled for Oct 20th. We met at his shop in Hampstead, NH and took a leisurely route to Exeter for lunch at the Loaf and Ladle.

From there we carried on to Hampton Falls, NH where we stopped at Applecrest Farm Orchards. To our surprise, there was a festival going on with a great Bluegrass band, horse-drawn carriage rides, cider donuts and of course, apples! Parking was tight but they directed us to our own parking area right in front of the pumpkin patch where we became something of an attraction.

We had a good turnout for this event despite the short notice including this fellow named Tucker who drove down from Maine with Wendy and Tom to join us for the day.

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Lobster Tour - September 9, 2012

Submitted by: Tom Walling

"You should inspect your tires frequently for signs of tread wear and obscure little letters and numbers on the sides, which represent significant events in the lives of the tire factory employees. For example: A78-13 means 'All 78 of us tire factory employees went out and got really drunk last night, so maybe 13 of the tires we make today will be any good.'" From Dave Barry

It seems that each year, the Lobster Tour is better than ever. The key innovation to the route this year was a rest stop at a McDonalds almost half way into the tour. Ahhhh! Stonewall Kitchen continues to be a great starting point since it provides free samples, great lunches, and an ample parking lot. The eleven cars that participated this year were all able to stick together even though the radios lost their battery strength and the sweep car wasn't able to communicate for much of the tour. While it was cloudy through much of the tour, the sun broke out towards the end, and we had one of our most pleasant eat-outside times ever. The best of all worlds-no burnt noses, and a great picnic. There was a storm to the east in the ocean, so we saw some nice swells and waves. The wet suit surfers were out in strength. Many thanks to those who came from great distances (Cape Cod, Camden, Norway, etc.) and also from closer locales. What a great group! Can't wait to do it again next year.

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Southern New Hampshire Tour - Sunday June 10, 2012

The weather could not have been better for our second attempt at the Southern New Hampshire Tour. John Bowe led the tour in his new TR7. He had to make an effort to slow down so that he didn't lose those at the end of the group, something he never had to worry about when he led previous tours in his Mayflower! We had a great turnout with several Triumphs, an MG, a few classic American cars and two Triumph motorcycles that joined us at the shop but not on the tour. Following lunch at the Loaf and Ladle in Exeter, we stopped for ice cream on our way back to John's shop, a perfect ending to a great drive. Here is a slide show of the photos that have been uploaded from the event.

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Cape Ann Tour - May 19, 2012

We had a great turnout and perfect weather for this year's Cape Ann Tour. Alex and Pam did an amazing job keeping our large group together, a stressful task given that those of us who always bring radios forgot to do so that day. Here is a slideshow including photos submitted by several club members and a video shot by one of Alex's friends (her husband Steven is driving the silver MGB).

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Annual Planning Meeting - April 1, 2012

Our annual planning meeting was held on Sunday April 1st at the Yangtze River Restaurant in Littleton, MA. There were 21 members in attendance from as far south as Rhode Island and as far north as Bowdoinham, Maine. Ned Sparrow was able to arrange with the management again this year to get us a function room at no charge in exchange for our dinner business and it worked out great for us. Despite several people bringing cameras, nobody took any photos so here are a couple of recycled photos from last year showing a few of our members sitting in or near the same seats, so that will have to do. John and Tricia Gibbs provided a slide show of photos from our 2011 driving season as a backdrop during the meeting, putting everybody in the mood to make plans for 2012.

Startup meeting 2011, Group 1 The election of club officers was a non-event as there were no other candidates for any of the currently-filled positions. Stan Foster offered to continue as Club Director for one more year but stated that it’s time to start training a successor. If someone is interested in being an apprentice director this year, please contact Stan. Rick Trowel will continue as Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Tom Walling will continue as Regalia Coordinator and Bob Lang will continue as our Competition and Events Coordinator.

We discussed the position of newsletter editor which has been open for over a year now and whether or not we want to continue to have a club newsletter. Greg Elevich presented the results of a member survey conducted about 5 years ago which indicated that at that time the majority of members wanted a regular newsletter. We discussed the pros and cons of electronic versus paper delivery (to save the club some money) and whether just having news on the website was sufficient. In the end we decided to keep the newsletter. Also, at some point we will offer members the option to opt out of receiving a paper copy and instead be notified when a new issue is available online.

That still left us with the problem of the lack of a newsletter editor when Tricia Gibbs offered to take on the role! We are very grateful that she is willing to give it a go and ask that everyone please give her your support by volunteering to provide content for the newsletter. In addition to coverage of driving tours, “how to” articles would also be very welcome as would anything else you think may be of interest to your fellow club members.

The club’s Photobucket account was also discussed. We set up a free account last year so that members could share copies of some of their event photos with the rest of the club. We quickly realized that it needs someone to own it, to create the albums for each event to keep things organized. Things never quite got off the ground last year so we’ll try to fix that this year. Stan Foster is going to look into it when he gets some time. Once things are organized a bit better we will put a link and some instructions in the Members’ Only area of the club website. Please do not put your only copy of your photos in that account! It will be necessary to purge some of the photos from time to time due to space constraints.

Next up was the discussion of club events for 2012. We added many events to our calendar. On the schedule again this year are the Southern New Hampshire Tour, the Cape Ann Tour, the Lobster Tour and the Fall Foliage Tour. Thanks in advance to the club members who volunteered again this year to organize these events: John Bowe, Alex and Pam Delis and Tom Walling and Wendy Rose. Bob Lang and Linda Cragin usually plan the Fall Tour but they have too much going on this year. It was suggested that we just repeat a drive from a prior year but we will need a volunteer to step in for Bob and Linda to manage the logistics.

At least two couples are planning to attend The Roadster Factory’s Summer Party this year (Aug 2-4). Planning must begin soon so we can book our accommodations. Contact Stan Foster or Tom Walling if you are interested.

Startup meeting 2011, Group 2 A couple of new events were proposed this year. Tom Walling suggested a Mt. Washington climb this summer, perhaps as a joint event with another club. Debbie Christopher proposed a group outing to a Boston Pops holiday concert since our fellow club member Colin Davis plays violin with the Pops. There was interest in both events so they will both get back to the club when they have more information.

The Boston Area MG Club is holding another “Triumphs at Faneuil Hall” event on June 23, 2012. We have successfully negotiated our way out of the $10 per car fee in the past but this year the price has been raised to $15 - $20. Rather than fight the battle again, Stan has decided not to pursue this with the BAMG club and to no longer officially support this as an NET event. Anyone who wants to attend on their own should sign up directly with the BAMG. (There is a link to the event in our online calendar.)

Our annual Day of Triumph event is scheduled for July 29th. This is a big event and volunteers are needed to help with the planning and also to help on the day of the event. Contact Stan Foster. We also need ideas for this year’s DOT t-shirt.

For those who may not have heard, Sir Sterling Moss is scheduled to be at Lime Rock this year! Several NET members are going, some just on Saturday Sep 1st and others for the entire multi-day event. If you are interested, contact Ned Sparrow.

At this point we were hungry so we adjourned the meeting and headed for the buffet!

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