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Last Gasp Tour - Lobster Tour - Day of Triumph - Movie Night - Quabbin Tour - Cape Ann Tour - So. NH Tour - Planning Meeting - End of Year Party

Last Gasp Tour and Rally -- Saturday Nov 1, 2014

Triumphs in the rainWe wrapped up the 2014 driving season with our aptly named Last Gasp Tour and Rally. It was cool and rainy but as usual we did not let this dampen our enthusiasm for a day out with our fellow club members. A surprising number of people did drive their triumphs, including Hugh and Caroline in their TR3 without a working heater and only a lap blanket to keep them warm! We met at Kimball Farm in Lancaster MA. Ned and Ellen gathered us together to explain the rules for their novel combination tour and rally and then we were off. Ned kept us at a relatively slow pace to give us time to scan both sides of the road in search of the answers to the questions on our rally sheets.

We stopped for a break, turned in our answer sheets, received the question sheets for part two and were soon off again. Overall it was a very scenic route, perfect for a Triumph and worth driving again in warmer weather. The rally concluded at the Yangtze River restaurant in Littleton where we enjoyed the lunch buffet while Ellen tallied the answer sheets.

Bob and Linda took first place. There was a tie for second place that was settled by cutting a deck of cards. This resulted in John and Tricia coming in second and Frank and Carol taking third place. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone for coming out and joining us on this very enjoyable rally.

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NET's Famous Lobster Tour! Saturday Sep 27, 2014

Submitted by Debbie Christopher and Stan Foster

The 2014 Lobster Tour was a great day out thanks to the spectacular weather and a large turnout of both NET and BCNH members who joined us on the tour. As in previous years we convened at the Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME where 28 cars set off on a now familiar route up the coast where the clear blue sky provided the perfect background for the Atlantic Ocean waves and Maine coast.

Triumphs at the seaside

The unseasonably warm weather brought out a lot of other people in their classic cars enjoying the day just like us, including a very nice looking powder blue TR3 we encountered along our route.

As usual there was lots of waving and greetings from surprised onlookers as we passed through some of our favorite seaside towns like Ogunquit and Kennebunkport.

There are lots of fun activities in this part of Maine. Unfortunately, the wait for drive-through bowling was just too long!

Triumphs line up for bowling

Get a room!

At one point those of us towards the back of the pack got separated from those at the front. We waited for a while before making a critical turn to give anyone even further behind us a chance to catch up. Rick and Stephanie found a way to pass the time.

We were soon on our way again, heading for Biddeford Pool. Along the way we encountered the rest of the group just coming back from there. They pulled over and waited for us to drive through that area so that we could re-group and finish the Lobster Tour together.

We found our group!
Thanks to Tom and Wendy for organizing another NET classic Lobster Tour and a special thanks to Tom who had to lead the tour alone this year. Trying to follow route instructions and lead 28 cars is hard enough when you have two people juggling maps and radios. Doing that alone with a record turnout and busier than usual roads and stopping points made that an even bigger challenge so thanks again to Tom for a great day.

To see even more photos from this tour go to our Facebook page!

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Day of Triumph - Sunday July 27, 2014

Submitted by Stan Foster

TR7s at DOT 2014 Day of Triumph 2014 was a memorable day for many reasons. We had some interesting cars like Henry Fry’s left hand drive Triumph 2000 and the TR3 with the Opel rear-end clip and a 240Z engine all sitting on a TR6 frame. And then there was the weather.

Forecasters were predicting Armageddon with rain, lightning and the possibility of hail. Despite the almost certain wet day and the possibility for much worse, 51 people still turned up with their Triumphs and we had a Day Of Triumph that we won’t forget for a while, a Triumph over adversity.

The day started off well with the sun shining and a steady stream of attendees coming through the gate including 13 side-screen cars. Modern technology allowed us to see the weather systems approaching so it was not a surprise when the heavens opened up around 11:30am. Tops went up to keep the cars dry and umbrellas and raincoats appeared to keep the people dry. Some took shelter in the museum, or under the scattered pop-up tents or just went about the usual business of DOT, looking at cars, sharing information, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

After a brief consultation with the museum staff we relocated the raffle table plus the boxes of awards to the upper floor of the museum where there was a large open area with some chairs. We held the raffle while Ned Sparrow and Rick Trowel tallied the ballots, then we quickly moved on to announcing the winners and presenting the awards. We ended DOT nearly an hour early to give people a chance to head home before the next weather front moved in from the west.

While this may go on record as being the wettest Day of Triumph, it was also an enjoyable and memorable day. I want to offer a big Thank You to everyone who came on Sunday. You exceeded my expectations by an order of magnitude. I also want to thank everyone who volunteered to help run the event. We cannot do this without you! Thank you all for being flexible with the schedule change and for your help in quickly relocating all of the raffle items indoors.

DOT 2014 event t-shirt Due to the turnout on Sunday, we still have a few DOT-shirts left over in Medium, Large, XL and 2XL sizes for $15 each. Shipping is extra if we need to mail them to you, otherwise we’ll bring your shirt to the next club event. As shown here on our lovely model, the shirt is light blue and features a red TR7 and Boston’s Zakim Bridge. (Click on the image to see a larger version.) Please contact Stan Foster if you would like to purchase one.

There are pictures from the event on our Facebook page and a slideshow available on Photobucket.

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Drive-up Movie Night - Saturday July 12, 2014

Drive-up movie audienceA small but enthusiastic group met at John Bowe's shop for our movie night. Here we are watching the first feature, an interesting and enjoyable documentary about the history of British motoring. During intermission, we enjoyed pizza, salad and some amazingly good cookies.

The feature presentation was the original 1969 version of "The Italian Job" starring Michael Caine, a classic "caper" film featuring many British cars and some great stunt driving. As darkness fell our small group was soon outnumbered by mosquitos. Long pants and hooded jackets were a must at this point in the evening, along with bug spray for any exposed skin or tightly-fitting clothing since mosquitos can (and did!) bite through t-shirts and socks.

Overall it was an enjoyable event though if we do this again, an indoor venue or at least a screened enclosure would be wise. We would like to make this an annual event so if anyone has any suggestions for a mosquito-proof venue, please let us know.

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Rally 'Round the Quabbin - Saturday June 28, 2014

The Quabbin tour was fantastic! We had a great turnout, perhaps as many as 26 cars in total. Tony and Diane put together a great mix of driving time and stops that allowed time to socialize. Between the winery, the picnic in the park and the final stop at the Very Berry Frozen Yogurt shop, club members had time to mix and mingle and enjoy one another's company.

Triumphs parked in the Winery lot

A long line of TriumphsFirst stop was the Hardwick Winery for cheese and crackers and a wine tasting. The photo above was taken in the winery's parking lot and shows only about half of the cars on this tour. From there we continued around the reservoir. There were Triumphs as far as the eye could see!

We stopped for a picnic in the park (see photo below). By this time it was getting hot so we had to split up so that everyone could find a place in the shade. After lunch we made the short hike up to the tower to admire the amazing view (a scenic view on one side and a parking lot full of Triumphs on the other.) We resumed our tour and carried on to a scenic overlook where Tony offered to photograph everyone in their car. After a bit more driving we arrived at the Very Berry Frozen Yogurt shop. This was a great place to cool off and enjoy their make-your-own sundae bar. All in all, it was a great day out!

There are many more photos of the event on our facebook page. A link to Tony's photoshoot pictures was sent out to the email list and is available to club members on request.

Picnic in the park

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Cape Ann Tour - Saturday May 31, 2014

Cape Ann Tour stop at Lobsta Land restaurantWe had a great turnout for this event. The weather cooperated this year as well. It wasn't quite shorts weather but it was a delightful change from last year's scorching heat. Alex and Pam led the way taking us past views of the water and along lots of twisty back roads. We ended our tour as usual with a tasty and festive meal at Lobsta Land in Gloucester.

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Southern New Hampshire Tour - Sunday April 27, 2014

Despite the chilly weather there was a good turnout for our first driving event of the year. This photo was taken during a stop in Exeter.Southern NH Tour stop in Exeter

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Start up Meeting - Sunday March 16, 2014 3pm - Yangtze River Restaurant, Littleton, MA

We had a great turnout for our start up meeting! It is always a pleasure to see so many of our fellow club members again after the long winter and to talk about getting our cars back on the road. All club officers have volunteered to remain in their current positions for at least another year so we dispensed with elections. Club Director Stan Foster had sent word via the email list seeking a volunteer to be "director in training" this year. While it did not come up for discussion during the meeting, at the conclusion John Gibbs stepped forward to offer to take on this role. John and his wife Tricia (our newsletter editor) have been very active members since joining the club several years ago. John has already made many contributions to the club by taking over the printing and distribution of the newsletter, providing multi-media presentations during club events and creating and maintaining the club's new Facebook page. Please give John your support in his new role!

Tony, Linda and Bob at the NET Startup meeting 2014As far as club events go, we are repeating some of our favorites and introducing some new ones as well. In time order we have scheduled a Southern New Hampshire tour, Cape Ann tour, a tour around part of the Quabbin Reservoir, the Day Of Triumph event at the Larz Anderson museum, the Lobster Tour, a Covered Bridge Tour and a Fall Rallye. All of the NET-sponsored events are on our club calendar, color coded in British Racing Green. In most cases the information on the calendar at this point is preliminary. Details will be provided closer to the date. Weather can cause a change in plans so it's always advisable to check the calendar for updates.

We also include "other events of interest" on our calendar (color coded in TR6 topaz) for events that some of our club members plan to attend or have recommended. Links are provided in the online event descriptions so you can get more information about these events right from the source. This year's VTR National Convention will be held in September in North Carolina. Several club members are considering making the drive in their Triumphs. Stay tuned on the email list if you are interested in joining them on their trek! There are also many great events hosted by other car clubs in our area such as British Cars of New Hampshire's "Show of Dreams" charity event and several members of BCNH came to our meeting to talk about this year's event. The event is moving south from Wolfeboro to Hudson, NH this year, making it easier for those who live in southern New Hampshire or in Massachusetts to attend. It will be held the day before our Day of Triumph event, convenient for those who want to spend the weekend taking in both shows. We discussed how we can jointly advertise the two events to increase attendance for both shows. They also encouraged NET members to check out the BCNH events calendar and consider coming along on one or more of the dinner and breakfast drives they have scheduled throughout the driving season.

In conclusion, there is a lot going on this spring, summer and fall so check out the calendar and save the dates! We hope to see you all at one or more of these events this year. Happy Driving!

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End of Year Party - Saturday January 25, 2014 6:00pm-10:00pm

NET EOY Party attendees Jan 2014 The new venue for our End of Year Party worked out great! The staff at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA made us feel very welcome and served us a great meal. We had a good turnout this year with 43 club members in attendance. The club's Stripped Gear Award, which recognizes the club member who has gone above and beyond in the past year, was awarded to John and Tricia Gibbs. Tricia has been doing a great job as newsletter editor and John stepped in to take over the newsletter publication when Don Jenkins retired from the position. Together they prepare the newsletter for distribution (both hard copies and electronic copies). In addition, they bring audio/video equipment to club events and provide wonderful slide shows of photos from club events. Congratulations Tricia and John! The final event of the evening was our always amusing Yankee Swap. This year's most coveted gifts were a custom painted Triumph mailbox and a very cool gearshift pen.

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