About New England Triumphs

A caravan of Triumphs on a scenic drive

New England Triumphs is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of Triumph motor cars. Our members consist of past, present and future Triumph owners from throughout the New England area with a broad range of Triumph cars.

Our driving season is from April through November. During the winter months members often help each other with projects ranging from simple maintenance to building high performance engines. Our members are quick to volunteer information, time, expertise and specialized tools.

Our year starts with an open meeting in February to discuss the potential activities for the coming year and to start populating the club calendar with events. We try to arrange driving events for every month during the driving season, taking full advantage of the beautiful new England scenery and winding country roads that are perfect for these classic cars. A typical year will include driving events within reach of as many members as possible and multiple car shows both local and distant. Our event calendar may also include special events and parades that we coordinate with other British car clubs in the region. Our year ends with our End Of Year party, a fun-filled event at a local hotel.

If you would like to join us, please print, fill in and mail a completed membership form.