Help Wanted

Volunteers wanted, apply within !

New England Triumphs relies on volunteers to lend their talents and their time towards keeping the club running and making it an interesting, informative and useful community for our members. We have a number of opportunities for members to serve by filling open positions and helping with future activities. Please help us make NET an even better club by volunteering.

Filled!!! Newsletter Editor

Duties include preparing articles for publication in our newsletter. Skills required are some familiarity with Microsoft Word or Open Office and the ability to do basic resizing and cropping of digital photos.

Filled!!! Regalia Coordinator

Duties include proposing designs for regalia such as t-shirts, name badges, hats, key fobs, etc., negotiating with suppliers and preparing for large events such as Day Of Triumph.

Club Tour Coordinators

Have an idea for a tour? Think about planning a route, a meeting point, stops along the way including perhaps a place for lunch and put it on the 2010 calendar. Sample ideas: Covered Bridge tour, lakes tour, mountain tour, poker tour.

Newsletter and Website Articles

If you attend an NET event, consider volunteering to write an article for the newsletter and/or the website. A few paragraphs are sufficient. If you took photos please include a couple along with your article. It will help to keep our fellow club members informed, especially those who were unable to attend. And who knows, maybe you will inspire someone to attend an event in the future once they read about what a great time everybody had at the last one!

Tech Session Host

Need some help with a Triumph project? Or maybe you would like to show off your skills? Host a tech session! You can leverage the vast experience of the NET members and give everyone a chance to learn something new.

Who Do I Contact?

If you think you can help or would like to hear more, please contact Stan Foster.